Have you seen a Kansas Sunset?

Growing up, I remember taking family trips. We each got to pick two 8-tracks to listen to in the car. Without fail, one I almost ALWAYS picked out was one of John Wayne doing readings to music on an album entitled “America, Why I Love Her”. In the self titled track on the album, he asks “Have you seen a Kansas sunset?” There is a YouTube video of the song, along with some stunning photographs representing what he is talking about. I have been to many, many states, and seen many, many sunsets. However, I must say that unequivocally, Kansas has the best sunsets I have ever seen. I took this photo on US 24 between Topeka and Lawrence, KS on August 20, 2010 just after a huge rainstorm (my wife did edit out some electrical lines from the photo). I hope that you enjoy this sunset as much as we did.

Kansas Sunset

Sunset after the Rainstorm, 08/20/2010


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