Devil’s Tower, WY

On our trip to South Dakota, we ventured over into Wyoming and stopped off at Devil’s Tower. For those of you who have not been there, it is completely different from the rest of the surroundings, spiking up from the landscape as though pushed up from somewhere deep within the earth. From a great distance, it appears as a stump from a tree, and as one gets closer to it, turns into an immense tower of stone. There are trails all around the tower, allowing visitors to travel around the entire tower to take in the nature from every side and angle. Some people even venture out to climb the rocks, ascending and descending like so many ants, dwarfed by the gigantic tower. I hope you all enjoy!

Devil's Tower

Devil’s Tower, Wyoming


2 thoughts on “Devil’s Tower, WY

  1. Beautiful! Loved seeing it up close, wish I could have gone around it with everyone:)

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