Sunny day in Kansas

My wife and I were out driving one day, on our way back from a good friend’s house when we saw the sun breaking through these clouds. It was a wonderful end to an otherwise dreary day. Enjoy!

Sunny day in Kansas

Sunny day in Kansas


4 thoughts on “Sunny day in Kansas

  1. To be honest, this photo has multiple problems. Shooting into the sun has seen the camera expose for the highlights, and left the field/foreground below “in the dark”. This can be avoided by using a tripod and taking two exposures: one for the sky portion, one for the field portion. Then blending these two images together in Photoshop or Lightbox. Another way to compensate for radically differing exposure needs within a single frame is to employ a graduated Neutral Density filter (again utilizing a tripod to insure sharpness).

    • I appreciate the thoughts and ideas. I try not to alter my images too much, even though I know they can turn out more aesthetically pleasing. I usually try to avoid shots into the sun too often, as then there is usually less manipulation required. I will think about that for future reference, though. Thanks for looking!

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