A knotty tree

When I was a child, I loved to climb trees. I remember one tree around the corner from my house growing up that had branches all the way around, just like a circular staircase. Once you got to the bottom limb, climbing the rest of the way was a breeze. But when you’re only 5 years old, it is sooo tough to reach that bottom branch sometimes… But once I did, I would scurry up like a squirrel. This tree reminded me of that one, except that all the lower limbs had been removed. It made me sad that no one could climb this tree and enjoy it like I had enjoyed climbing as a child. The scars (from where the limbs once were) served as a reminder of the potential joy that this tree held, and it made me wonder if it, too, had memories of children climbing and playing in its branches.

Knotted Pine Tree

Knotted Pine Tree


4 thoughts on “A knotty tree

  1. Nice story to go along with the picture. My thoughts always go to things more darker…like, what if the tree didn’t like all those kids clamoring over it….

    Nonetheless, good shot! 🙂

  2. Aww, memories. I too, climbed trees as a child. Most of my climbing was done in Mulberry trees.:) Love the photo and the memories it brought back. Thanks Daniel!

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