Color v Black & White – You decide

So, I’m still messing around with my B&W photos. This is an older photo I took on a trip to Arizona in 2009 to visit some good friends. It was a point and shoot Fuji, but when I saw this tree along the road I couldn’t pass it up. Here I have posted the color version, along with the B&W version. Feel free to indicate which you like best. I will say that in the B&W, I do like the contrast between the base of the tree and the freshly plowed field directly behind it.

Arizona Tree

Arizona Tree

Arizona Tree B&W

Arizona Tree B&W


26 thoughts on “Color v Black & White – You decide

  1. Well, Daniel, for what it’s worth, my two cents is that without the brown ground, the mountains stand out more. Love the photos.

    • Thank you for the feedback. I do love B&W photos, I just never feel the mine have the right feel to them. I have gotten a couple of lucky shots in, though. 🙂

  2. Thanks for following my blog Dan. I think the shot you’ve chosen above is perfect for this comparison. Photos taken during the day in bright sunlight can often look better in B&W because converting to mono makes good use of the contrast in the harsh light. Having said that, some architectural shots (especially clean-lined, modern buildings) can look fantastic against clear blue skies. In a way the tree above is quite architectural, so it works well against the blue sky, but the mono shot is the stronger of the two for me.

  3. I really like the color and contrast in the color one. The b&w defines the tree lines better, but I have never been a b&w lover. I love the colors of nature and rarely do I prefer the b&w. Great shot!

  4. As presented here, the blue has the most impact. If you want to make the B/W pop more, I recommend digital post-prod in an applying a gradient layer or filter that mimicks the effect you would have gotten if you had used a red filter on your lens.

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