Grand Canyon in B&W

If there was ever a place to get absolutely stunning photographs at virtually any time of day, the Grand Canyon would be that place for me. Depending on where the sun is, the quantity of clouds, the wind (which will move the dust and cause changes), and even the amount of traffic, it is continuously changing, and every photo is different. As I was going back through some of my pictures, I found this one. It, too, was taken with a point and shoot camera, but I still get chills when I see it. Changing it to Black and White took my breath away. Color was nice, beautiful, and vibrant. However, the B&W brings out the depth and the vastness, all while showing every nuance and shadow. My wife and I definitely have to go back, now that I have my Nikon D5000. Another trip to plan…. DARN. 🙂

I will tell you a little story about this trip in particular.We (and by that I mean my wife, her family, and me) went to Arizona to visit my wife’s aunt. As we planned the trip, the only thing I wanted to do on the entire trip was to go to the Grand Canyon for sunset. We got up that morning (after staying in Las Vegas, New Mexico) and drove all the way to Flagstaff. From there, it’s an hour north to get to the Grand Canyon. As we approached Flagstaff, it began to get overcast. My excitement began to wane, as I was afraid that we would not have the sunset at the Grand Canyon. It slowly got more gray and overcast, the farther North we went. My wife will say that my lip was on the ground, because I was upset about the lack of sun. I will admit that I was upset. But only a little bit. However, as we pulled through the entrance to the National Park, the clouds literally parted, and the sun came bursting through the clouds to shower us with light and warmth. I will tell you that the sun coming out made all the difference, and that was the highlight of my trip (and probably some of the others as well).


Grand Canyon B&W

Grand Canyon B&W


10 thoughts on “Grand Canyon in B&W

  1. Very nice capture of the grandness of the canyon. I very much enjoy seeing it in B&W. Your image makes me realize, I need to go back there… and pay the darn entrance fee. 😉

  2. Isn’t there a saying ” if you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes”? Some of my best photos were taken just when I thought the weather was not going to cooperate.

  3. It is truly an amazing experience! I am so happy to have been part of that family trip! Yes, the clouds parting and the sun coming out at the right moment made the Grand Canyon breathtaking!

  4. Ah, you win my heart with this one, my friend. I spent the summer of ’89 working on that side of the Grand Canyon, and have been longing to go back ever since. I will make it one day! I have some photos I took while I was there, but this is the only one I’ve got scanned and online, and it was from a hike down into the canyon: (Havasu Falls)

    Thanks so much for the memories. Sunset there is beautiful, but if you ever get the opportunity, I assure you that sunrise is even better – most days there are clouds/fog below the rim of the canyon that rise up and dissipate as the sun comes up. I used to go out before dawn and sit on the edge of the canyon with my journal.

    • Thank you for the feedback! I have never had a “sunrise” opportunity there, but hopefully will the next time I am there. Your photo was great! That’s something I hope to see sometime myself.

  5. Wonderful image! You just never know what nature and those clouds will do. Lucky you. Thanks, as well, for liking my posts, “Puddle” and “Interior-Large Format Film” (I want a large format camera badly – someday).

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