Post Political Post

So… I am not an uber-political person. I care how things get done to an extent, and I have my philosophies regarding stance (Democrat vs. Republican), but I see myself as more of a centrist overall. Personally, I find there is too much ego and personal issues brought into everything (not just from the voter, but also those who are supposed to represent the masses), so certain groups of people are quickly overlooked and ignored, while personal agendas take the forefront of platforms. But I’m not getting on a soap box here. This is for photographs, right? 🙂
So I went to the State Capital of Kansas in Topeka, KS the other day.  It’s an astounding building, well over 100 years old, and is in the process of being restored. As you walk into the rotunda area, you can see all the way up into the dome, and it is beautiful. I hope you all enjoy this picture!

Kansas Capital Dome

Kansas Capital Dome


6 thoughts on “Post Political Post

    • It is indeed. It is amazing the work that has been done. There are so many different textures that it would be almost impossible to show them all. 🙂

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