I miss my dog…

So today I was remembering my dog (we lost him last July). I had gone out back and taken some pictures of our back yard yesterday, and decided to go out and visit his grave site and say “Hello”. We buried him under his favorite tree, a huge Sycamore, where he used to always lounge, since it provided good shade and he could watch all the animals go through the yard. He was the friendliest dog I have ever owned, getting along with everyone and being very careful around smaller animals and children. You can see a picture of him at this post on my wife’s blog. While visiting him and telling him what has been going on in his back yard, this picture really struck me. The sycamore tree had a limb cut off quite some time ago, and against the white trunk of the tree, made for an interesting contrast. It reminded me of him and his connection to our family. Even though we have lost him (just like this tree lost its limb), he will forever be a part of us. We love and miss you, Harley!!!

Tree Limb B&W

Tree Limb B&W


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