Rainy Day Reflections

Kansas (along with a large portion of the rest of the United States) has been in a drought this past year. We are also in the middle of winter, which usually means that there isn’t a great deal of moisture around here, anyways. However, yesterday we had a nice rain shower that lasted most of the day. As I was looking out the window, I noticed the reflection in my antique truck. The tree, which has no leaves due to the winter climate, was reflected in the green of my truck. This image struck me that the rain we were getting will bring life (eventually) back to the trees, and they will be green (like my truck). It made me think of it as a foreshadowing of what is to come, in that in a few months’ time, the tree itself will also be green, not just a green reflection of the tree. Hope you all enjoy!

Rainy Day Reflections

Rainy Day Reflections


4 thoughts on “Rainy Day Reflections

  1. I love this picture. I feel hopeful that spring is right around the corner and my world seems better already. Thank you!

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