Snowy Kansas Day

Today we had the biggest single-day snowfall since 1993. Even though it was a little windy, there is something very peaceful about snow. It comes down gently, covering the earth with a cold blanket, giving new sights, and making everything appear very clean. I really enjoyed this photo, as the sky was overcast, and the line of the trees shrinking into the distance made me wonder what was beyond the edge of my frame. Peace… and quiet….

Snowy Field in B&W

Snowy Field in B&W


4 thoughts on “Snowy Kansas Day

  1. It looks like our snowy field except for the tree line. My eye is drawn to the leaning fence post and fence 🙂 Maybe that’s because I helped rebuild fences with Pop and now I have a more critical eye for that sort of thing. lol Good Photograph Daniel, I can almost feel the bone chilling cold on my exposed cheeks as I walk toward the treeline.

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