Return to B&W

I must have had something this winter that really made me not want to take a lot of pictures. Maybe it was the cold, maybe the new job, maybe just winter blues. Needless to say, with things greening up and on a warming trend, I have gotten the shutter bug something fierce now. This is a photo I took just in western Kansas, just off the road where we were driving. The ramshackle shed, windmill, and falling fence really stood out to me. Being a farmer/rancher is a way of life, and a tough one at that. Not living in a rural setting really gives me the chance to reflect on things, and gives me a new respect for those who choose that way of life in order to sustain their families. This area really made me wonder what the story was behind the place. But it really struck me. Feel free to share your thoughts. It seems even more lonely, now that I am seeing it in Black and White.

Ramshackle Farm

Ramshackle Farm


6 thoughts on “Return to B&W

  1. Wow! Daniel Looks like one of Ken Burns photos of the Dust Bowl Days. Great Photograph!

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