Big Spring Reflection

Scott County State Lake is a beautiful area of Western Kansas. Trees, old Pueblo ruins, springs, trees, and great scenery are all around. Big Spring is one of the springs that feed the main lake, giving a clean look and some great contrasts for photos. This tree’s reflection really caught my eye, along with the bright blue sky and the different colors of grass that was growing around. Hope you all enjoy!

Big Spring Reflection

Big Spring Reflection


4 thoughts on “Big Spring Reflection

  1. Daniel this is beautiful! I didn’t know there was anything like this in Kansas/are people allowed to explore the ruins? Have you thought about exhibiting your Art? Amazing Photograph!!!

    • The ruins are just the foundations, so you can look at them. I might try and do a display for North Topeka Art Walk sometime this year if I can.

  2. Wonderful! I can see several of your beautiful photos hanging on my wall ( at some point) 🙂 have to finish remodel first

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