Kansas… If you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes

Kansas has two things that have always amazed me (besides my beautiful wife, of course): Sunsets, and storms. The weather can change in moments, bringing in some violent storms, and you can watch them build from a distance. We have had quite the turbulent spring, and with the seasons changing into summer, storms have begun brewing in earnest. Don’t get me wrong; after last year’s drought, I’m not complaining for the rain at all. I love a good storm. But I’m also very happy to watch them build in other places and not impact my home. This storm was brewing towards Kansas City a couple of days ago, and I thought this made for an interesting shot. I hope you enjoy!

Storm's a Brewing

Storm’s a Brewing


4 thoughts on “Kansas… If you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes

  1. We’ve had two inches of rain in the last few days and are still behind an inch of precipitation for the year. Rain is very welcome, but please NO HAIL!

  2. Great Photograph, Daniel! The storms are most certainly brewing and I am sure followed through with rain :). Love the contrast between the fenced land and the storm clouds.

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