Harvest Weather

It’s wheat harvest time here in Kansas. The wheat is golden, and the wind is blowing, and it’s hot. That is the typical Kansas Wheat Harvest (for those of you who have not experienced one). With the heat today (In Great Bend, KS it got up to around 111 degrees) the thunderstorms really started firing up as I was making a beeline for home. I passed this field, which had obviously NOT been harvested yet, and had to go back because of the amazing thunderheads building in the background. I hope you enjoy the photo!

Wheat Harvest Thunderstorm

Wheat Harvest Thunderstorm


6 thoughts on “Harvest Weather

  1. Cool Photograph, Daniel. I sat in the car at Wal-Mart while it hailed and poured rain. The sky was pretty impressive just like this before that all happened, too. 🙂

  2. Great photo! I love thunderstorms….the build up and then the sudden release of pressure. Watching out for the lightning and then counting till you hear the thunder, it so beautiful.

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