In the Blink of an eye…

The weather here in Kansas can change very quickly. A couple of weeks ago I was traveling for work, and when I was in Hutchinson, KS, this storm popped up out of nowhere and made for some awesome views. I came back from taking some pictures, and was quite happy with what I found in my photos. I hope you all enjoy this one as well!

Lightning in Kansas

Lightning in Kansas


4 thoughts on “In the Blink of an eye…

  1. Zowwee! Daniel, this is when you travel as fast as you can away from Dodge or in this case Hutchinson. 🙂 Great Photograph!!

  2. Gorgeous image, Daniel! It’s nice to meet you and I apologize for a bit of a delay in visiting your site. Thank YOU for visiting mine and liking an earlier post “Quick Glimpse-NYC”. Now, on to more of your stuff, myuzickman (would that be as in “musicman” by chance?).

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