Baseball Season

Baseball season is in full swing, and so I wanted to post a picture for the season. Last September, my wife and I went to a Kansas City Royal’s game with a few of our friends. That night (for those of you in the know) was Zack Greinke’s first game back pitching at Kauffman Stadium. The Royals were facing the Angels, and it was bound to be a great game. In the bottom of the 9th, Royals were down 3-1, with one man on and Butler coming to the plate. The Angels pulled Greinke, and their reliever came in to close out the game. On his second pitch, Butler cranked a two-run homer to center field, which tied up the game. The next batter was our catcher, Salvador Perez, who (on his first pitch) crushed the ball off of the left field pole for his first walk-off home run of his career. Hope you enjoy this picture of Perez in the pre-game warm ups for the pitcher.

Bird's Eye View of the Bullpen

Bird’s Eye View of the Bullpen


10 thoughts on “Baseball Season

  1. Well now, Daniel, it certainly looks like you had a bird’s eye view. Were you sitting right behind home plate? It must have been a very exciting game that night. I missed watching you play ball this season.

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