I Have a Dream…

We recently took a trip to Memphis, Tennessee. While we were there, we visited the Lorraine Hotel and the National Civil Rights Museum. As we were walking through the area, this one light pole stood out to me against the sky. I thought the color was interesting, with the deep blue sky and the clouds, breaking up behind the light. However, when I switched it to Black and White, it really struck me for several reasons. Since we were near the site of the assassination of Martin Luther King JR, the lone light standing out in the sky really brought home his fight for equality and against the injustices of the world towards people of color. Just being near a place of such singular importance in history also made me think of a lone light, shining for others to see and follow so as to not be cloaked in darkness. I know that these words hardly do justice to the feeling that I got while in that place, but I hope that you all at least enjoy the photo.

Lone Light Pole

Lone Light Pole


2 thoughts on “I Have a Dream…

  1. Being an older person and having lived through the segregation of schools and swimming pools,etc., it weighed heavily on my heart to be in a place of such importance. I thank God that Martin Luther King had other people to carry his dream forward.

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