Winter – Will it ever end?

This winter has been rough. Snow, bitter cold, ice. All with no end in sight. Here we are, first part of March, and it just keeps coming.

I took this picture on one of the few sunny days that February had to offer. We had gotten several inches of snow, and the sun was enough to melt some, even though the temperature never got about 25 degrees. These icicles formed, and then kept growing. Amazing to see, really. Anyways, here is to hoping the winter will end soon. Hope you enjoy the picture!!!!

Sunny Day Icicles

Sunny Day Icicles


6 thoughts on “Winter – Will it ever end?

  1. I love icicle pictures! The only place it’s warm enough for icicles here today is on the INSIDE of my patio door!

    • I like how the light refracts through them, distorting the background. I thought the bubbles were fun, as well as the deep blue sky, which really made them stand out.

  2. Daniel, this brings back childhood memories for me. Times sure seemed different back when.:) We would go outside to play stopping to pull icicles off, licking them. We held them in our mittened hands for quite some time, never seeming to mind the cold. The wind never seemed to be an issue like it is now. We would go indoors with cold fingers and toes, but very happy and ready for warm food and drinks. Thanks for posting, fun memory: happy

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