Fire Danger in Kansas

The weather this winter has been rough. But as Spring has begun here in Kansas, we have been greeted with fire danger warnings due to dryer than normal conditions, as well as high winds. Today, as my wife and I were driving home, we noticed smoke coming from the vicinity of our house. When we got home there was a large fire in the pasture behind our house. Evidently some “kids” had decided that it would be fun today to set one of our neighbor’s hay bales on fire. Needless to say, with the 30 mile-per-hour wind and the dry conditions, it quickly got out of hand. The Fire Department was there already battling the blaze. Most of it was out, but since the sun was down, it turned out to be a wonderful opportunity for some excellent photos. No one was hurt in the fire, which made it all the better. Hope you enjoy!

Field Fire

Field Fire


2 thoughts on “Fire Danger in Kansas

  1. That is a big fire. I would have been so very worried that my house was on fire. Good thing the wind had changed and was coming from the North. That only happened about and hour before this fire started. I love a bonfire and sitting around a fire, but, this is some serious flames here.

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