Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

In September of 2012, my wife’s family and I went to Hermann, MO, where I saw my first ever Civil War Re-enactment ever. It was a lot of fun, complete with cannons, cavalry, muskets, as well as many artisans showing skills and stories from that time in our nation’s history. For this weekly photo challenge, this photo stood out to me, as a lone southern cavalry charged the oncoming union troops as they were advancing. It was a very sad time in our nation’s history, but one that marked a major turning point towards working towards equality for all. Hopefully, we will not ever repeat this, and continue to strive for equality for all people, no matter their race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or any difference. For THAT is truly moving forward, and it is our differences that make us all the stronger.





Most recent trip….

My wife and I just returned from a trip to Hermann, Missouri last weekend. We were celebrating some family birthdays and such, all while enjoying the wonderful wineries and perfect weather. Hermann, if you were unaware of it, is home to several award-winning wineries, and sits in the hills near the middle portion of the state on the banks of the Missouri River. In addition to the wineries, they have a plethora of German cuisine, including a perfect shop dedicated to German Brats and such. While we were there, we enjoyed the wine tasting, as well as a Civil War re-enactment. I would highly recommend anyone who is traveling to Missouri to try to make a stop in the area. I took the attached picture in the vines just outside of the Stone Hill Winery gift shop. Enjoy!

Stone Hill Winery Grapes

Image taken in Hermann, MO at the Stone Hill Winery

Dan D