Beautiful Reflection

As many of you know, I really love reflections. They are just another way to see the same thing, but from a different angle. This Water Lily was interesting in that it was there, floating amongst all the green leaves and lily pads, just soaking up the sun. The whiteness of the flower really struck me, along with the reflection of it in the water. I hope you all enjoy!

Water Lilly Reflection

Water Lily Reflection


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One foggy day…

I was driving to work one morning, and passed this field where the steam was rising off of the water in the pond, with the sun behind the tree. The lighting on the pond made me think of a glowing cauldron, which makes me then think of Halloween. Since we are nearing that time of year, I thought I might share. Enjoy!

Fog on the Pond

The Cauldron Pond