Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

This week’s photo challenge is Shine. I just recently bought a new camera (Nikon D5500), so I had to mess around with the HDR settings. This is my first HDR photo. However, I also took some that were NOT HDR, so I just wanted to mess around a little bit.

I was driving back to my house this evening after running some errands, and saw the clouds in the sky and figured that the sunset tonight was going to be beautiful. I promptly dropped everything and raced up to the lake for some photo ops. Needless to say, I was super happy with the outcomes. Hope you all enjoy!!!


Sunset Before the Storm

So last evening, my wife and I took a jaunt up to the Shawnee County State Fishing Lake, which is just north of Topeka, KS. There was a nice storm rolling in, but we got there in time to set up, take numerous pictures, and enjoy the beauty of the sunset. We then got to drive home in a pleasant rain, which turned into a thunderstorm just after we got home. The colors were amazing, and the weather was perfect to enjoy the evening. Hope you all enjoy half as much as we did!

DanD Shawnee State Lake Sunset 20140901

Shawnee State Lake Sunset 20140901


Long overdue…

Hello, all. Sorry for this long overdue post. The Holidays (and life overall) has ways of really getting in the way of the fun parts. I am trying to take more time to focus on these things, so hopefully my posting will pick up this year.

I took this photo specifically as a Christmas gift for my Mother, which is why I didn’t post it before now. The Kansas Sunset (I know, I know. ANOTHER ONE????) really accentuated the profile of the Windmill, which is some quintessential Kansas, as some of you know first-hand. Anyways, hope you all enjoy!

Windmill at Sunset

Windmill at Sunset